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Ski-9 Ointment

Ski-9 Ointment

Puts an end skin diseases faster


Ski-9 ointment is a unique non-steroidal topical formulation to treat mild to moderate eczema (Atopic dermatitis). Its unique formula modulate immune and inflammatory response to reduce the symptoms of eczema. It has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It strengthens skin barrier function and moisturize skin and reduce eczema flakes. Ski-9 ointment is safe ayurvedic formulation which is highly beneficial in skin rash, atopic dermatitis, itchy skin and ringworm.


  • Ringworm and itches
  • Eczema (atopic eczema)
  • Skin rashes and allergy
  • Fungal and bacterial skin infection
  • Scabies and jock itch.

Directions for use

  • Apply topically two to three times daily on the affected area or as directed by the physician. Simultaneous use of ski-9 capsule ensures complete relief.

Side effects

Ski-9 ointment is not known to have any side effects when applied as per the prescribed dosage.


25 gm pack in plastic container.